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Social media, confirmation bias and its use in marketing #FakeNews #Propaganda #SocialMedia

(I originally posted this on May 24, 2014, about 2 1/2 years before “fake news” became a popular meme. Since then, social media has become a friction-less platform for the spread of propaganda, fake news, and worse. I run an entire blog on the topic of social media propaganda at Occupy Propaganda – the title being a spoof on a whole bunch of “Occupy” titled propaganda and fake news web sites on Facebook.) Confirmation bias...

UK to log all web site access from everyone

In a move taken by few other nations, it [new law] requires telecommunications companies to store for a year the web histories known as internet connection records — a list of websites each person has visited and the apps and messaging services they used, though not the individual pages they looked at or the messages they sent. Source: Sweeping UK spy bill dubbed ‘snoopers’ charter’ becomes law – SFGate No warrant is required to access...

Teens lose interest in Facebook and Google+ 0

Teens lose interest in Facebook and Google+

In about six months time, teen usage of Facebook drops from 72% to 45%, and 29% to 12% on Google+. See chart at end of the link. Teens love iPhone more, use Facebook a lot less, says survey – CNET.

Facebook Experiments With Disappearing Posts 0

Facebook Experiments With Disappearing Posts

Facebook Experiments With Disappearing Posts. Enables you to post something with an expiration date and time. Many users of FB do this now but manually: they post a topic, and when challenged on the accuracy of the topic or post, they delete it. This enables the spread of inaccurate views intended to influence others while simultaneously avoiding challenges. In the field of propaganda, the first message that consumers receive is the one most likely to stick, even when...

“Study: Social media users shy away from opinions” 0

“Study: Social media users shy away from opinions”

Study: Social media users shy away from opinions | Technology | – Portland News, Sports, Traffic Weather and Breaking News – Portland, Oregon. Study suggests people post what they expect their followers to agree with – in other words, Facebook becomes an echo chamber that stifles discussion and debate. Few people will challenge their “friends” when there are different interpretations or even when the facts are completely wrong. A side effect is that people...

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