4-year-old suffers burned hand, is taken to ER run by the hospital where her husband works, who tell them to go to the hospital chain’s burn center.

This unleashes a nearly yearlong billing dispute where the hospital morons say they cannot discuss the bill with the parents, only with the 4-year-old child. Later, they turn the bill over to a collections agency who also will only talk to the 4-year-old child.

We are a nation of idiots:

When his mom called to dispute the bill, the hospital wouldn’t discuss it with her since it was in her son’s name.

Source: Hospital billed 4-year-old for ER visit. Then it sent him to collections – oregonlive.com
This didn’t get resolved (in the child’s favor) until Kaiser Health News (the media) got involved.

Our experience has been that actual care providers are great but 100% of the administrative and business end of hospitals are criminal operations and corruption who consistently had wrong numbers and wrong information. Incompetence and corruption is their claim to fame.