Linus Tech Tips and his associated channels are all gone.

The problem is that 2FA, as implemented DOES NOT WORK.

Once you pass your 2FA authentication, an authentication cookie is left on your computer verifying you are logged in. A hacker can steal that and use it to access your account without 2FA.

A few providers avoid this vulnerability by requiring you to authenticate again, via 2FA, if you wish to make important changes, such as change email, password or delete the account. This effectively invalidates the stolen 2FA authentication cookie.

Popular YouTube Channel Linus Tech Tips Pulled After Hack (

The basic problem is that the tech experts at Facebook, Google, etc, are not nearly as smart as they think they are. This 2FA failure point has been known about for a long time. They don’t care.

The deleted accounts are said to have been restored by Youtube – something that you or I would never get as we are no bodies.