The trio worked together to suppress true information – specifically to suppress facts they knew to be true but preferred the public not to know.

Please read the entire Twitter thread. The trio, together with Homeland Security actively sought to engage in widespread censorship of factually true information about Covid, immunity, vaccines, vaccine passports, side effects and more. Expressing opposition to or asking questions about vaccine mandates or passports was sufficient to be censored.

Even asking questions about vaccine side effects or effectiveness was forbidden.

According to an atmospheric scientist who commented on that thread, the same censorship is being applied to those who post items about climate change.

Many of us are no longer able to trust anyone about anything.

Once you destroy that trust, it is gone forever.

Note that almost all of the media industrial complex is ignoring this story – while long proclaiming the media is the fighter for free speech and the public’s right to know. In the past, this would have been a story as big or bigger than Watergate or the Pentagon papers. But today’s media is buried deep into their own political ideologies and is spineless.

By EdwardM

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