After the country’s health officials released new guidance that having over two drinks a week can be a health detriment, now research from the University of Toronto says heavy coffee consumption is cause for concern as well.

“These findings suggest that heavy coffee intake is associated with increases in the risk of kidney dysfunction among slow metabolizers of caffeine, who genetically comprise approximately half of the population,” an excerpt from the data read, adding that illnesses like hypertension could emerge.

Source: After canceling booze, now Canada is coming for your coffee

I am now at 6 weeks post-caffeine. Only in the past week did the withdrawal effects finally start to end with bouts of intense fatigue diminishing. It’s been a long haul – headaches, fatigue and more.

The good news is that my near daily visual migraines appear to have vanished. This is huge. My heart rate is now steady and low (versus occasionally irregular and very high), and my blood pressure is now usually normal (versus very high).

The FDA says for “most people” (without defining who those are) can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day. The problem, as implied above, is that half the population may be caffeine sensitive. The FDA provides not a hint of guidance as to how to determine if you are caffeine sensitive. Yet:

“Slow metabolizers are less able to get rid of caffeine efficiently from the body, so, it’s more likely to have adverse effects in the people who can’t get rid of it,” he added.

A genetics test found I have almost all of the genetic markers for caffeine sensitivity. Yet the FDA completely ignores that important component of half the population.

(In the past 3 years I concluded it best to ignore the FDA, the CDC and WHO. Public health guidance, regarding my own health, has been harmful. I no longer listen to a single word of what The Experts say – they have lost all credibility.)