Productivity was also cited as an issue at Google and Facebook when they announced layoffs:

“Every one of us and every team across the company must raise the bar and perform better than the competition to deliver meaningful innovation that customers, communities, and countries can truly benefit from,” Nadella wrote. “If we deliver on this, we will emerge stronger and thrive long into the future; it’s as simple as that.”

Source: Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

Seems there may be a cultural shift in tech workplaces soon.

There have been suggestions, too, that Microsoft’s large investment in Open AI and ChatGPT could imply deployment of more automation at Microsoft both as a tool for customers and as an internal tool.

Update – Yep, efficiency and productivity are what this is about.

Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella said the technology industry must learn to be efficient as demand slows.

Microsoft’s Nadella Says Tech Needs Efficiency as Layoffs Loom – Bloomberg

But also notes that many tech companies have a “productivity paranoia” towards their employees, yet everyone is feeling burned out.

And big hints that Microsoft will apply the same tech to itself that it offers to customers (it generally has done that forever) – including ChatGPT type tech for its own internal uses, perhaps including product development, online support and more.

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