You may have noticed Covid is burning through the population of China after their non-sustainable ZeroCovid strategy was failing. About 8 weeks into expanding outbreaks in late 2022, the government ended the ZeroCovid strategy.

From that comes this idiocy from Zeke Emanuel, MD, PhD (see below):

Per peer reviewed study, China has 99.8% mask wearing compliance. The country has 90% of its population fully vaccinated. But neither has stopped the spread of Covid.

If 99.8% mask wearing compliance was unable to stop the spread of Covid in China, why, Dr Emanuel, do you think masks will control Covid in the United States?

Frontiers | Mask-wearing behavior during COVID-19 in China and its correlation with e-health literacy (

Absolutely nothing said by public health experts makes any sense. Not. One. Word.

And then there is this nonsense from the NY Times climate reporter – and if the reporter’s ability to mangle this is this bad, what does that say about his climate reporting?

Imagine a climate reporter saying it is the hottest summer in 3 years, if we leave out all the other summers.

To be fair, it’s not just David Wallace-Wells inanity. Tons of reporters make absurd comparisons like this every day and think they are committing profound journalism. Insane.

If you don’t get the problem, it’s like the finance news that says inflation is not bad if you take out housing, energy and food!

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