If only China had been more like China and taken Covid seriously, this would never have happened:

But for a place that until earlier this month assiduously tracked every case, there is now no clear data on the extent of the virus’ spread. China’s new Covid rules significantly rolled back the testing requirements that once dominated daily life, and residents have instead shifted to using antigen tests at home, when available, leaving official numbers unreliable.

On Wednesday, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) gave up trying to keep track of all the new Covid cases, announcing it would no longer include asymptomatic infections in its daily count. It had previously reported these cases, albeit in a separate category from “confirmed,” or symptomatic ones.

“It is impossible to accurately grasp the actual number of asymptomatic infections,” the NHC said in a notice, citing reduced levels of official testing.

Source: China’s zero-Covid easing: Cases explode in Beijing leaving streets empty and daily life disrupted | CNN

This was the expected eventual outcome of ZeroCovid. NPIs will never end a pandemic, only immunity via vaccine, having had the disease, both, and/or the virus mutates to a less virulent form, ends a pandemic of a highly contagious respiratory virus. Everyone gets Covid eventually.