Never, but when you are on a ACA market place plan, it’s basically your only choice: When does a high-deductible health plan make sense? Here’s who can benefit the most.

This year: Bronze plan, two people, $23,000/year with a $17,600 deductible.

The ACA was a fucking fraud that was going to lower costs for all Americans. The Democrats know it was a fraud and that’s why they now offer subsidies to most everyone. The ACA completely failed to meet the goals used as its selling points. In the unsubsidized individual market, prices skyrocketed. This occurred because Jonathan Gruber’s defective insurance marketplace design moved all the high-risk patients into the tiny individual market – those costs are not shared by anyone else except the tiny individual market.

Purchasing an ACA policy with lower deductibles is nothing more than pre-payment of your deductible. This is easily seen by looking at the price differences for the annual premium and the annual deductible. Anyone in the unsubsidized ACA market does not have a choice to buy a low deductible plan without paying a fortune. For 2022, a “Gold” plan with about a $1,500 deductible would have cost us $30,000 per year. That is a fact.

Column author Leslie Albrecht is a fake news reporter who knows very little of what she writes about. She is too young to have ever looked at what it costs to get insurance if you are 50 or 60 or older. 80% of the premium hikes occur over the age of about 42 as prices are held almost constant from age 21 to age 42, then start rocketing upwards.

A real reporter would at least look at price quotes for a broad range of ages, and a real reporter would ask why so high? Instead we get this shitty piece of journalism from fake reporter Leslie Albrect.

Coldstreams Skeptic