Delivery of a single meal to a home is inefficient and an EV doesn’t improve that much – but at least it looks virtuous:

Domino’s Pizza will be rolling out a fleet of 2023 Chevy Bolt electric vehicles, 800 of the GM EVs in total across the U.S. in the coming months, as it looks to not only reduce its environmental impact but also attract new delivery drivers.

Source: Why your next Domino’s pizza delivery may arrive in a GM Chevy Bolt EV

By comparison, I go to a grocery store about once per week and get about 21 meals worth of food in one trip, which is way more efficient.

Unfortunately, customers will order individual, delivered-meals, and feel virtuous because it’s delivered via an EV. An EV delivered single meal makes little sense if you are truly concerned about climate. Just another example of climate hypocrisy.

By EdwardM