Economists say to solve this problem with more immigration.

Left out is that 90% of the US nursing profession is female. Not a peep about recruiting more men into nursing. Similar ratio for K-6 teachers.

Compare this to computer science, where 82% of Bachelor’s in computer science grads are male. For over two decades, we have had programs starting in elementary school to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM, and programs in college to enroll more young women in STEM programs. In fact, today, the odds today of enrolling at MIT are twice as great if you are female versus male.

The editors of Bloomberg missed the elephant in the room – why is nursing still 90% female and why are there are no programs to encourage men to enter nursing? (Or for that matter, into K-6 teaching?) Indeed, why does this not even cross the mind of the Bloomberg editors?

Source: The US Needs More Nurses. Here’s How to Fix the Shortage – Bloomberg

MIT Enrollment Data

11.5% of female applicants to MIT are admitted versus 7.2% of male applicants.