According to DEQ, TTS Charging falsely claimed more than 16,000 in credits in June, alleging it dispensed nearly 15 million kilowatt hours of electricity from three vehicle charging stations.

Source: Electric charging company faces $2.7 million fine from Oregon DEQ –

It had not even built the charging stations yet.

This blog has mentioned other scams, including selling rights to not cut down forests – that were never going to be cut anyway, and sometimes selling credits on the same forests, multiple times – because they are not tracked like, say, a property records office tracks property sales.

The most effective way to reduce carbon emissions is to reduce carbon emissions.

Bill Gates says he spends $9 million per year to offset the emissions of his fleet of jets and other aircraft, and his several mansions. It would be better to not produce the carbon emissions in the first place but that would require a lifestyle change – a change climate activists want all of us to adopt, but not for themselves.