Most EVs are sold for one-third more than their base sticker price – there is no such thing as an affordable EV says Bloomberg News:

With battery supplies tight and customers eager, car companies are only cranking out expensive EVs.

Source: The Affordable Electric Car Is Still Mostly Fantasy – Bloomberg

Considering that after 200,000 miles, a typical EV is just -28% less carbon emitting than a similar gas vehicle, EVs are mostly a virtue signaling toy of the upper classes. In fact, how many EVs will make it to 200,000 before having lost too much range?

The average price of EVs, as shown in advertising, is $47k. The average price of what people end up paying is $61k.

The Chevy Bolt EV, with a price of $26,595 actually retails for about $35k on average, says Bloomberg. Compare that with the nearly identical gas vehicle, the 2022 Honda Fit: which sells between $17k and $22k depending on version and can be “re-charged” in about 5 minutes versus over 90 minutes for the Bolt EV.

And then there is this: Lithium Resumes Insane Gains to Add Pressure on Automakers – Bloomberg