Tesla chargers seem to rank the highest:

Stations need to be added to areas where there are currently gaps in heavily traveled routes and in high-density areas for people who don’t have access to residential charging, but most importantly, designed with things for users to do while charging—regardless of the use case. Then, we need to make sure those stations are reliable.”


Currently, only a handful of vehicles can take advantage of the fastest charging speeds. And no matter how fast their vehicle charges, EV owners still indicate they need more options for things to do during each charging session to enhance convenience and fill the down time.”

Source: 2022 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study | J.D. Power

Few EVs available today are capable of true superfast charging – Tesla owns this market in terms of both EVs and the charging network.

A significant percent of EV drivers have encountered chargers that do not work and are unable to be used.

More charging stations needed, at places that people want to spend some time, as needed. And more superchargers will be needed as well.