I wonder what their EV charging infrastructure looks like?

In a statement Friday, Bank Australia said it would scrap loans for new fossil fuel vehicles from 2025. Sasha Courville, its chief impact officer, said that date had been picked “because the change to electric vehicles needs to happen quickly.”

Source: Australian bank to scrap loans for new diesel and gasoline cars

Conversion to future EVs will not be voluntary but enforced by this type of program. Some other banks, elsewhere, have announced similar policies.

Here in the U.S., I have not seen how – yet – one could use an EV to tow our small 16′ trailer to a campground – and then recharge. There is not only no EV charging infrastructure in many of our USFS and BLM campgrounds, but there are no power lines in the area.

Towing even a small trailer, up several thousand feet in elevation is going to cut a 250-mile range to 125 miles – and you still need to return home or at least get far enough out of the mountains to find a charging station. For those with large trailers, they will need one of the announced $100,000 500 mile trucks to do their towing. No one seems to be thinking about these issues.

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