Have seen scary headlines about people re-infected with Covid.

A quick look at several studies finds less than 1% up to about 5% of people who had Covid were later “re-infected”. About half of those who were re-infected had no symptoms – likely meaning their immune system quickly shut off the infection.

At this point, the percent of people who are re-infected with symptomatic Covid is a small number.

I read that almost no one who is re-infected has had severe covid and been hospitalized.

Note – I am 3X vaxxed, over 60, and had Covid this past week. I’m fine. For all I know, I may have had Covid previously too as have been ill 7 times in 2 1/2 years, sometimes with Covid-like symptoms. Once rapid tests were available, I tested negative (may be on 3 of those when I tested). But I have now read that many people have tested negative for the first 2-5 days before testing positive. I may have tested too soon?

Long Covid

I saw several news articles with headlines that “up to 80%” of people with Covid will have long Covid.

That’s a problematic claim.

  • According to the CDC, “long Covid” is having 1 or more symptoms at > 4 weeks after the infection began.
  • 13.3% have 1 or more symptoms at >4 weeks (self-reported data)
  • 2.5% have 1 or more symptoms at >12 weeks (self-reported data)
  • A majority of those who were hospitalized (a majority of which have multiple serious health issues such as heart problems and diabetes) have “long Covid” – which means probably most of the 2.5% group are those with very long Covid.
  • “Long Covid” symptoms typically include fatigue and anxiety, but some do suffer serious problems, longer term. But that’s a tiny number.

Not seeing that 80% have “long Covid”.

By EdwardM