The past 7 weeks have been most unusual for me:

  • Had hepatitis
  • Had a routine, pre-scheduled colonoscopy exam under general anesthesia, results excellent but took longer to recover than normal perhaps due to impaired liver function then.
  • Had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction after massive inflammation up into my sinus. Cause was a crack had formed in the length of the wisdom tooth root, causing infection and inflammation.
  • Traveled to Europe on my first international trip.
  • On the trip, blew out my right knee after 4 1/2 miles of walking and could not walk (long story but miraculously recovered after online contact with my doctor and brilliant advice to use some meds I had plus some available OTC in Europe)
  • After getting home, tested positive for Covid-19. Symptoms have been extremely mild, a tiny bit of nasal congestion and some fatigue. That’s it.

Fun 2 months!

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