Long time mask advocate gets Covid. You know he was doing “everything right” and still got Covid

Past: Peter Hotez Slams Airline CEOs Objecting to Masks On Planes

Update: He’s still trying to do everything right

He has friends who also did “everything right”.

Everyone has it:

One of my extended, close family members has it – yesterday’s update was runny nose and slight cough.

The media loves to make fun of those who got Covid after not supporting vaccines – but never makes fun of prolific vaccine and mask supports. Thus, we get this headline:

Eric Clapton Test Positive for COVID-19 and Postpones Shows After Vaccine Criticism (msn.com)

(For the record, I have had the first two Pfizer shots, the third booster shot, and was scheduled to get the 4th booster shot on May 3. However, I contracted Hepatitis and had to cancel booster shot #4. I now need to wait several weeks after my liver function is 100% back to normal before getting shot #4 – but that will ikely conflict with my getting Hep A+B shot #3, whose date I cannot change. Therefore, I am out to late summer before I can consider a shot #4 – by which time, I expect we will learn of a new vaccine available this fall. The point here is – I am not anti-vaccine.)

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