Shanghai faced another blow on Monday as new Covid-19 cases were detected outside quarantine zones in the city after two days of zero cases.

Source: Setback In Shanghai As New Covid Cases Reported Beyond Lockdown, Beijing Carries Out More Mass Testing

Zero Covid has eventually failed in every significant country that tried it.

As WHO wrote in October 2019, travel restrictions were only effective – ultimately – for a few isolated, islands.

The only way a pandemic comes to an end is:

  • Widespread immunity from vaccination or having had the disease or both. In the UK, 99% of the population is now estimated to have anti-bodies. In the U.S., 75% of youth have had Covid-19, and an estimated 58% of the entire population, as of last February have had Covid-19.
  • Or, the virus mutates to a less virulent form.
  • Or both of the above.

Restrictions always have “leakage” (how will you get food, for example?) and at best, restrictions, if they work at all, can only delay the inevitable by a period of time.

China, though, is sticking with its ZeroCovid strategy even though it looks less and less likely to succeed while costing the nation a lot in other ways. “Experts” say that ZeroCovid no longer makes sense. If you or I note that ZeroCovid does not seem to be working, remember that you and I are not experts – and we should always trust and rely upon the technocratic elite autocrats for guidance.

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