Before mask use became widespread on airplanes and in other places during the pandemic, Festa said, she always became sick after flying — either getting a sinus infection or swollen lymph nodes. Since she started flying with a mask over her nose and mouth, Festa noticed she hasn’t been sick once.

Source: Some travelers, faced with fewer colds, will still mask in flight

  • I did no flying. I’m retired. I have had nearly no outside contact over the past 2+ years.
  • I wore a mask, usually a KN-95 mask, everywhere it was required.
  • I became sick five times, one for over 3 weeks.
  • I also became sick after my Covid #2 shot, Covid #3 shot (4 days of 101 to 101.5 degree fever), and after my Hepatitis A+B shot #1 and shot #2 (shot #3 is yet to come).

Therefore, I should conclude that masks cause me to get sick.

This is why science and fake CNN journalism by anecdote is stupid.

By EdwardM