I’m so old, I remember when public health quacks argued the U.S. should have been more like China in response to Covid-19:

No one is allowed to leave their residential compounds, even to buy food, and that’s creating huge pressure on the system.


In my community, the government delivers food once every few days. Deliveries range from a box of vegetables and eggs, to a vacuum-sealed piece of pork or some Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The handouts alone are not enough to feed one person, let alone an entire family, beyond a day or so.


Most expats I know have either already left or are determined to get out. The reason? “This is not sustainable” is a common refrain.

Mentally. Emotionally. Physically. It’s not.

Source: In Shanghai, residential gates are locked and millions are running low on food

But … if only we had been more like China, we would have flattened this in just 15 days …

By EdwardM