The myth of cloth face coverings will last forever:

Much of the public rejoiced when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it would update its guidance for face coverings, giving the vast majority of Americans the green light to ditch masks indoors, if they lived in an area of low or medium risk.

However, for some high-risk populations, like the 7 million Americans living with weakened immune systems from cancer treatment, transplants or immune deficiencies, a return to pre-pandemic normalcy is still not on the horizon. The CDC’s new guidance came with a caveat for the immunocompromised; the agency is still recommending that those at increased risk keep face coverings on.

Source: As COVID-19 cases rise, disability advocates say CDC isn’t doing enough

No study has found that cloth facial coverings have inhibited the spread of Covid-19.

One study done in Bangladesh, but with investigator contact with the test subjects, found that cloth masks had no benefits. The only masks that may have benefits are N95 type masks, but only if properly fitted, used, handled and replaced frequently – and worn at all possible contacts.

But – public health messaging persuaded much of the population to believe that all pre-pandemic research was irrelevant and random bits of cloth covering your mouth and nose (or even just one of the two!) would prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Ask yourself: would you voluntarily stand next to a coughing person with a confirmed case of Covid-19 while wearing a bandana on your face?

7 days ago, I saw an older woman out walking on an extremely rural farming road – miles from a tiny town – yet wearing her cloth surgical face mask while walking. This is how fucked up the messaging on masks has been.

If masks worked, why did daily cases increase by more than 10x as 94% of the population was wearing them (in my state)? There is no consistent, non-contradictory, coherent explanation for this. And then, without mask requirements – finally – cases have collapsed. States with and without mask mandates show nearly identical outcomes. Yet the myths live on.

In fact, all authorities now acknowledge that a majority of the population has now had Covid-19. If mitigations worked, especially since most have also been vaccinated, how did this happen? The evidence is mitigations were oversold in their effectiveness.

If random bits of cloth did anything, it is nearly undetectable. At best, they delayed the pandemic by days (even experts here have said that). The only way a pandemic of a highly contagious respiratory virus ends is through immunity – either from vaccination, having had the disease or both. Period. When a large majority of the population has now had the disease, our mitigations had little effect.

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