Epidemiology has no control and never had any control over Covid as illustrated by the epicurves. 15 days to flatten the curve morphed into 15 booster shots to perhaps, maybe, if we are lucky, flatten the population.

I have zero respect for public health and no longer listen to them.

Source: CDC extends travel mask requirement to May 3 as COVID rises | AP News

It’s time for the CDC to stop being a federal dictator and engage in the administrative rules making process, soliciting public input. Instead, public health officials are petty dictators.

As noted previously, the rules are nonsense. Last week, I could meet with a CPA, in an office, and no masks were required by state’s rules. This week, I met an optician at a retail vision center but had to wear a mask to enter (per state’s nonsense rules) – and then take it off at the request of the optician – because “health care facility”. Also last week, I went to my dentist – had to wear a mask for the 25 feet from door to dental chair, then take the mask off. This is just bull shit nonsense with no underlying logic or evidence. Total bull shit. And they wonder why people think public health is run by idiots who have no clue at all?

By EdwardM