While fewer Americans than ever are wearing masks and backing mask mandates as a result, per the Ipsos poll, the federal mask mandate for planes and public transportation has remained more popular. A recent Harris poll found 60% of Americans want to keep it in place, and a Morning Consult poll similarly found at least three in five respondents support customers and employees wearing masks on planes.

Source: Only Half Of Americans Comfortable Flying Right Now, Poll Finds As CDC Weighs Extending Mask Mandate

The same article notes that up to 75% of these people are okay eating at restaurants, going to parties and other events. But airplanes are seen as dangerous super spreaders, even though (a) aircraft have vastly better ventilation systems than any other venue in existence, and (b) there has never been any evidence that airplanes are significant source of spread, and (b) many European airlines and airlines elsewhere in the world do not have mask mandates.

The confusing message from “experts” has messed with people’s ability to evaluate relative risks. As you may know, the most dangerous part of your flight is the car drive to and from the airport. For most people who are traveling, and especially those who are triple or quadruple vaccinated, they have a very low risk of catching a common cold.

By EdwardM