As a point of messaging, it is confusing to keep saying the disease is so severe but you don’t know if you have it unless you get a test – because there are no or few symptoms:

The World Health Organization said that up to 65% of people in Africa have been infected with the coronavirus and estimates the number of actual cases may have been nearly 100 times more cases than those reported.

In a new analysis released Thursday, the U.N. health agency reviewed 151 studies of COVID-19 in Africa based on blood samples taken from people on the continent between January 2020 and December 2021. WHO said that by last September, about 65% of people tested had some exposure to COVID-19, translating into about 800 million infections. In contrast, only about 8 million cases had been officially reported to WHO during that time period.

Source: Up to 65% of Africans have had COVID, far more than thought

We are seeing throughout the world figures of one half to 90% of the population show evidence of having had the disease, which questions the effectiveness of all the mitigation measures – if everyone got the disease anyway.

By EdwardM