Implicit in the latest guidance is this basic fact: The country is “at the point where we’re not able to prevent transmission from the virus from occurring,” said Aubree Gordon, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at the University of Michigan. “The severity of infection has dropped. A huge part of that is because of population-level immunity. I do think it’s appropriate guidance for the moment we are in now.”

Source: Biden’s plan for new normal spurs worries about next covid surge — and who is being left behind

But read the whole thing – the level of fear, paranoia and hysteria remains off scale. A belief in interventions that never worked remains strong as ever – with demands we bring them back sooner rather than later.

Here in Oregon, the Feb 3 model said we would not reach less than 400 hospitalized patients until March 31st; in the real world, we fell below that on March 4th – just 4 weeks after the prediction! On March 21st, we are below 200. Disease models remain worthless, unsuitable and unfit for any purpose. Purveyors of disease models and their adherents are 21st century snake oil salesmen, peddling false cures.

By EdwardM