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As I said late last year, the pandemic would be over with by April 1, 2022 as 2022 is a Congressional Election Year.

The next is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and to blame the past 12 months of high inflation on future events in Russia that had not yet happened (that future blame happened this week).

After the election, the media will be back on the “Climate Emergency”/”Climate Crisis”/”Global Heating” meme – terms that do not exist in IPCC documents but which were invented by The Guardian and the Columbia University School of Journalism. One hundred years ago, that approach to journalism was labeled “Yellow Journalism”.

I sort of no longer believe anyone about anything. Everybody lies to get ahead.

Update: As of March 13, Dr. Fauci has not been heard from since Feb 17th – 3+ weeks. The pandemic is officially over.

By EdwardM