The U.S. is extending a requirement that masks are worn on planes, trains and other forms of transportation until the middle of next month.

Source: U.S. extends airplane mask mandate through April 18

but was extended by a month to allow the public health agency time to develop new, more targeted policies. The requirement extends to planes, buses, trains and transit hubs.

The TSA says they need more time to create better targeted programs (permanent?) – in other words, this extension is due to their inefficiency. They had months to plan for this.

There is no data to support this – this is regulation by whether the karma feels right. Literally, there is no data – only hypotheses and models (which are themselves a hypothesis about how someone thinks the world works, and whose output is a hypothesis, not a conclusion).

Sadly, this is how epidemiology works.

The stupidity of this is mind blowing – if masks work to prevent the spread of disease, then you need to wear them always when near other people. Any time they are off, this would be “leakage”. Consequently, masks (if they work) can never stop a pandemic – only delay cases by a bit by reducing your chances each day. Over time, you will cumulatively be exposed to the virus and there will be numerous times you are not wearing a mask. Hence, masks, if they work at all, can only delay the onset by a bit.

When masks are now regulated to public transport and to children under five only – but not huge public events or the workplace – you know you are dealing with mindless idiots in public health.

Last night, my previously untreated broken foot cramped the muscle, as it does since these assholes shut down non-life-threatening health care in the spring of 2020 due to a fraudulent UW IHME disease model. I had to wait 13 weeks for a diagnosis, by which time it was too late to do anything. Since then, I experience some pain, each day, and periodic muscle cramps in the foot.  I lay awake for an hour and a half last night. Thanks epi-astrologists for your continued failures.

At this point, it will be useless cloth facial coverings for eternity.

Reminder: Pandemics end when there is sufficient population immunity from vaccination or naturally acquired immunity, or the virus mutates to a less virulent form, or both. That is the only way a pandemic ends.

Estimates range from about one half to more than 75% of the population has had Covid (90% in the UK). In spite of our measures, a majority of the population had Covid. Throw in vaccination and/or having had Covid, and this pandemic has mostly ended, as they all do. The typical pandemic of a new viral disease lasts about 1-3 years. At 2 years, this is average. The epi-astrologists NPIs did little – if anything. But they sure caused an enormous economic hit, increases in depression and anxiety, and other health problems that went untreated, and have left school children 1-2 years behind where they should be in their education.

By EdwardM