Public health “thinking” on full display:

As another Covid-19 wave recedes across the country, the full toll of the pandemic on our emotional health is becoming clearer.

And just raising awareness of isolation isn’t enough. We need to apply public health interventions to better understand it and mitigate it.

Source: Op-Ed: NYC Health Commissioner Chokshi says Covid pandemic has left U.S. with new epidemic of loneliness

The root cause problems are

  1. Epidemiology cares about “population” health in spreadsheet models.
  2. Epidemiology has no concern for individuals’ health.
  3. Epidemiologists have been given supreme, authoritative power to issue mandates without consulting with the governed, or even having real world data to justify their authoritative mandates.
  4. Epidemiologists believe they can treat side effects of their flawed interventions by intervening even more in our lives.

Their solution is to “apply public health interventions to better understand and mitigate it“. In other words, we must give you a pill to treat the side effects of the other pill we forced on you. Reading that op-ed reveals how out of touch these fools are.

Over the past two years, I went from worshipping public health to publicly despising them. They now have zero credibility and trust.

By EdwardM