2/3ds of Germany’s energy supply comes from Russia.

For years, the U.S. warned Germany of building up a dangerous energy dependence on Russia, the source of more than half of its fossil fuel imports. Now that the war in Ukraine has shocked Berlin into the same conclusion, the government is finding that changing course might be too late.

Source: Germany Faces Reckoning for Relying on Russia’s Cheap Energy – Bloomberg

After the earthquake in Japan and damage to the Fukushima reactors, Germany chose to shut down its entire nuclear power sector, which was 17 reactors the time. As of 2022, only 3 are still operating and are slated to be shut off.

Now, Russia may elect to suspend gas and oil deliveries to Germany, literally shutting down the German economy. This would likely have spillover effects to other countries of Europe, as well.

Germany’s energy sector was not managed as well as they thought they were doing.

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