From the US Surgeon General’s web page:

If you send an email to that email address you get this autoreply:

The Contact Form they say to use is only used to request a speaker for an event. The U.S. Surgeon General accepts no input or questions from the public.

Today, US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy demanded tech companies forward data to his office on the amount and handling of Covid-19 misinformation on their platforms. This is an act of intimidation to invoke censorship via proxy.

Who gets to decide what is misinformation? These jerks?

Or maybe this one?

I no longer listen to public health – they have lied repeatedly, enforced mandates having no scientific basis, and they routinely ignore input from the public. They in an authoritarian manner contrary to our democracy, and they do not care about actual harms they have caused.

(Reminder – I was denied access to health care in the spring of 2020 for over 3 months. Public health shut all non-life threatening health care based on a fraudulent projection from Christopher Murray’s UW IHME modeling group. I had to wait 13 weeks to get a diagnosis that I had broken my foot and partially torn a tendon, by then, too late to do much. To this day, I experience pain at times, every day, fortunately intermittently and not continuous. I have zero respect for authoritarian technocratic Marxists who have taken over public health. They act like power hungry sociopaths rather than persons concerned with health.)

By EdwardM