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Short summary

  • Russia military is not using encrypted digital radios but unencrypted analog radios for communications.
  • Using common civilian radios. But may be handheld or low power VHF and UHF radios that are unable to reach their own command.
  • Using mobile phones.
  • It is reported that ham radio operators and volunteer translators are monitoring as much as they can. They have intercepted reports of everything – including running out of fuel, injured, equipment failures, and morale seems poor as they are swearing in anger at each other.
  • Because they are using common civilian radios that anyone can buy, Ukrainians are jamming much of the Russian’s communications.

Is this true? No way to know.

More frequencies said to have been used on HF and low VHF:

12041 kHz day, 10057 kHz night
13619 kHz day, 12905 kHz night
7140 kHz day, 4750 kHz night
44.225 Mhz
39.425 Mhz
31.375 Mhz

Note – I have been a ham radio operator since age 14 and have worked on wireless communications projects during my career. The above answers some questions I had.

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