New metrics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that about 28% of people in the United States live in a county where they need to wear masks indoors, a significant drop from previous metrics that advised 99% of people in the US to keep their masks on.

Source: New CDC Covid-19 metrics drop strong mask recommendations for most of the country – CNN

My County meets these new metrics – but my state, one of just 3 still having indoor mask mandates for fully vaccinated people – says we must wear masks until March 19th.

Why? Oregon will meet its own metrics to drop masks on about March 1st. But they’ve relied on a worthless piece of shit disease model that projected we would not hit metrics until March 31st. Rather than admit that OHSU’s Peter Graven’s disease model is a worthless piece of shit, they seem to be trying to save face by only moving the goal post to March 19th.

In December, his model forecast call for almost 3,200 hospitalized patients at the peak of the Omicron wave. One week later, he revised that to about 1,650, then a week after that, to about 1,200, then in another week, back up to 1,650. Actual peak was about 1,100.  His model was consistently a piece of shit.

Just 2-3 weeks ago, his model projected we would hit 400 total hospitalized patients by March 31st. But just a few weeks later, we are on track to hit that by about March 1st. Once again, Graven’s model is a piece of shit.

Epidemiological disease models are worthless.

Reminder: Oregon relied on a worthless piece of shit model projection from the UW IHME random number generation team in the spring of 2020 to close access to all non-life-threatening health care for over 3 months. Just as I injured my foot.

13 weeks later when the epidemiology frauds permitted me to have access to a doctor, I was diagnosed with broken navicular bone and a partially torn tendon where it attached to that bone. By then there was little that could be done. 2 fucking years later I have pain in this foot every single day.

All because of worthless piece of shit disease modelers. Epidemiology is a fraudulent hoax, which should be clear to all by now, at 2+ years into their fraudulent “15 days to flatten the curve” claims. In spite of all the bull shit they mandated on us, 4 out every 5 people in my County are estimated to have had the disease. That is not a stretch either. 1 out of every 4 people had a confirmed case of Covid. Numerous estimates say that there are 3x to 5x more actual cases than caught by testing. That would be 75% to 100% of the population has had Covid. All of their bull shit restrictions accomplished nothing.

I will never believe a single word coming from public health or epidemiologists for the remainder of my life. They must never again be trusted with anything.

By EdwardM