At 2 years into 15 days to flatten the curve, nearly everyone in the country has now had Covid.

The IHME model estimates a wide range — from 63% to 81% of Americans.

Source: Estimated 73% of US now immune to omicron: Is that enough? | AP News

What was the point of all those NPIs, social distancing, lock downs, business closures, school closures, border closures, travel restrictions, wearing cloth facial coverings? In the end, everyone got sick, with or without vaccines. The only thing that may have had any impact was vaccines. The rest was epidemiological nonsense that was known, pre-pandemic, to not work well or at all.

Oh but…I hear you say, “it flattened the curve” at times, delaying hospital demand. EXCEPT most pandemics last 1-2 years, back in the days we did nothing. This pandemic is an average pandemic and lasted an average length regardless of the measures we took. There is no evidence that our NPIs did anything at all.

I have no hesitation pointing out that epidemiology is a failed field of study that lied about a pretense of an illusion of control that it never had.

By EdwardM