CDC still refuses that acquired immunity from having Covid has any impact whatsoever on the progression of the spread of Covid-19. This entire article attributes reductions to percent vaccinated.

In Rhode Island, where indoor mask mandates and proof of vaccination protocols will be lifted Friday, infection rates declined about 94% since January. “We’re the second most vaccinated state in the country. Right now, we’re the third most boosted state in the country,” Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Thursday, seeming to put more emphasis on vaccination rates than community transmission.

Source: While awaiting updated CDC guidance, here’s the data states are using to lift Covid-19 restrictions – KTVZ

According to, 88% of the population of Rhode Island (as of Feb 10, 2022) has already had Covid-19, let alone being vaccinated.

Most pandemics last 1-3 years, on their own. We are now at 2+ years and the pandemic may be winding down due to immunity from both infection and/or vaccination.

The CDC has no credibility what-so-ever and many of us no longer believe one word coming from them or epidemiologists. My state’s disease model handwaving the past six weeks has been off scale idiocy but no time to write about that right now.

Note – From day one, I have strongly supported getting vaccinated. For more than year, the topmost post and the first item one would see on this blog was a post recommending getting vaccinated. I have had 3 shots. This post is about the unbelievable situation where the CDC does not acknowledge acquired immunity exists or has impact on disease progression.

Note – I am not in the best of moods this week. I am in process of “catching up” on all the vaccinations that health care professionals never told me about. This week, I had Hepatitis A/B Twinrix shot #2. Unfortunately, I have bad “side effects” to most vaccinations. For this shot, I have had extreme fatigue (fell asleep during the day), very bad headaches, and extreme joint pain (shoulders, knees and the left foot fracture that was untreated thanks to public health quacks in spring 2020). Walking has been difficult and even while sitting I had continuous pain in both knees and my shoulder.

On day 5 since the shot, I am still tired and experiencing a bit of a headache. The joint pain appears to have subsided although not gone yet. These are side effects typical of the shot, the info sheet says. For Covid #2 and #3 shots, I had a fever over 101 degrees for 3 or 4 days. Also in the past year I had vaccinations for influenza and MMR – yep, no health care professional had ever told me about an MMR vaccination. Thus, seven vaccination shots in the past 11 months – and about two weeks down time due to side effects. I completely understand why many people are resistant to getting vaccinated.

Still to come: Twinrix Shot #3, influenza, pneumonia, and then in 2023, a TDaP booster shot as it will be 10 years since the prior booster shot. By the end of 2021, I will have had a total of 12 vaccination shots in two years as I had done the two shot Shingrix vaccine in December 2019/January 2021 (also with 4 days of bad side effects).

By EdwardM