At this point – two years into 15-days-to-flatten-the-curve, it seems this was probably the goal from early on – rule by technocratic aristocracy of expert elites:

The decline did not start with the pandemic, but it has compounded negative trends. From lockdowns to travel bans, the coronavirus led to “an unprecedented withdrawal of civil liberties among developed democracies and authoritarian regimes alike,” the report said.

“It has led to the normalization of emergency powers, which have tended to stay on the statute books, and accustomed citizens to a huge extension of state power over large areas of public and personal life.”

Source: Global freedoms have hit a ‘dismal’ record low, with pandemic restrictions making things worse, report says

What I have watched and documented the past two years has had profound impacts on my political views – which, as explained on my About page, were middle to slightly left of middle (per survey).

I now strongly believe in government of, by and for the people, who operate at the consent of the governed. I am now overwhelmingly opposed to unilateral governance from unelected, bureaucratic, technocratic “expert” elite who frequently have no idea what they were doing, ignore public input, and anyone who points this out is labeled stupid – and told to shut up. Meanwhile, as shown on my list of hypocrites, not one member of the elite followed their own rules and Orders.

It is unlikely I will vote for any incumbents in 2022, regardless of political party affiliation. I do not currently belong to a political party and have not been a party member for decades. I may reconsider that this year too.

Certainly, I will believe nor listen to a single word from epidemiologists or public health experts who have been wrong about everything starting with “15-days-to-flatten-the-curve” as we now enter year 3. With 4 out of 5 people in my County estimated to have had Covid, all of their expert NPIs accomplished virtually nothing. This is not a surprise, as it is exactly what pre-pandemic research had found about NPIs – they don’t work well, don’t work for very long, don’t work at all, and most are not sustainable beyond weeks – let alone years or the remainder of our lives. Regarding that last point, there are numerous physicians and public health quacks on Twitter advocating we can never go back to normal and must plan to wear masks forever, remaining socially distance from family and friends the remainder of our lives. Seriously. Their arrogance has no limits. To make it clear how I really think about them: They can go rot in hell.

By EdwardM