The omicron coronavirus variant will infect “just about everybody” regardless of vaccination status, top U.S. infectious-disease expert Anthony S. Fauci said Tuesday.

But those who have been vaccinated will “very likely, with some exceptions, do reasonably well,” and avoid hospitalization and death, said Fauci, speaking at a virtual “fireside chat” with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Fauci also said in a Senate hearing the same day that the unvaccinated are 20 times likelier to die, 17 times likelier to be hospitalized and 10 times likelier to be infected than the vaccinated.

Source: Covid-19 live updates: Omicron will infect ‘just about everybody,’ Fauci says

Both claims cannot be true simultaneously.

Everyone will get Omicron/Covid-19.

You are 10x more likely to get it if unvaccinated.

Stated another way,

X = 10x. Solve for X where X <> 0.

That’s Faucian mathematics.

By EdwardM