He says the data models are meant to be used as tools, not scare tactics

.“We don’t want to scare people…I’m more interested in changing the projections. I want to put a number out and say this is what you can do to prevent the scenario from happening,” explained Mokdad.

Source: How accurate were UW’s COVID-19 predictions? | king5.com

That article is from March of 2021.

  1. The only use of these models has been to scare people into compliance (see 3)
  2. Or shut down non-emergency health care (in my state in early 2020) causing actual harm.
  3. this is what you can do to prevent” is based on the illusion that anything they had us do, made a difference. Two years into 15-days-to-flatten the curve epidemiology failed to make much of a difference but at last we ruined kids’ education, put people out of work, caused other health problems, and so on, so at least they’ve got that going for them.
  4. Today (January 2022), they forecast that one third of the earth’s population will have Omicron in the next 8 weeks. Illustrating that this pandemic has been like past pandemics. Ultimately, the pandemic dies of its own accord, in spite of what harm they caused us.

Yep, epidemiology has had this totally under control with workable, sustainable lockem’ ups, shutem’ down procedures for 2 years.

By EdwardM