A brain injured idiot noticed this a week ago (posted initially on Twitter earlier than that post):

Health officials worried the volume of expected infections could result in tens of thousands of Americans unable to work.


They worried the sheer volume of infections could mean that tens of thousands of police, firefighters, grocery workers and other essential employees would be out of work, making it challenging to keep society functioning, even though many of the infections would be mild or produce no symptoms, the officials said.

Source: New CDC guidelines were spurred by worries omicron surge could lead to breakdown in essential services

Over the past 22 months, others have pointed out that epidemiologists had no idea how a supply chain worked. 22 months later, they figured it out. Collapsing the nation’s economy would cause more harm than the disease. Sadly, from quotes in that article, a lot of “experts” still do not understand this – the laptop class thinks we can lock down everything indefinitely and food will magically appear on their table, and money will grow on trees.

By EdwardM

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