• Germany – US $1.00 or less, each.
  • India – US $ 3.50
  • UK – free
  • Canada – free tests given to businesses

Source for the above: Why do Covid rapid tests cost so much even after Biden’s push for lower prices? (nbcnews.com)

Does free at home testing stop the spread of Covid-19?

Intuitively, it seems that testing ourselves every day, twice a day, and whenever we meet someone, should cut cases. But does it in the real world?

Let’s take a look at the above 4 countries.

“Cases” recently reached all-time highs in Germany, UK and Canada – where tests are widely available. and have been for a long time.

Here are their epicurves.

Germany – recent, all time high:

UK – all time high case counts:

Canada – all time high case counts:

Here is India’s epicurve. No epidemiologist has a coherent explanation for what is going on in India.

The evidence that at home rapid tests will have much impact on the spread of Covid-19 is nil, and is on par with all of the other recommendations such as cloth facial coverings and social distancing.

It is as if what WHO documented in their October 2019 report on pandemics remains true – that is, nearly all NPIs have zero to negligible benefits. When they don’t work, the experts blame the public – rather than asking the obvious question – why do they continue to think NPIs work when the obvious trends suggest otherwise?

Their own pre-pandemic publications said that most NPIs do not work, and that NPIs will never stop a pandemic involving a highly transmissible respiratory virus. But today, when they continue not to work, they double down on what didn’t work. Australia, for example, the most locked down country in the world eventually gave up on lock downs, acknowledging they didn’t work.

No one chooses to answer this question.

Remember, I am a brain injured idiot with no relevant experience. I make observations and ask absolutely stupid questions which no one is interested in answering.

By EdwardM

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