Widespread quarantines and isolation of 1/5th of the workforce + close contacts may occur over the next few weeks.

Currently, if someone tests positive for Covid – they typically have to isolate for ten days. A close contact of a person who tests positive has to quarantine for 14 days.

Omicron is spreading so rapidly that much of the population may have Omicron within weeks. The UW IHME model (which is notoriously a disastrous fiction) predicts that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. will have Omicron over the next few weeks.

This will result in so many people being out of work that the U.S. may be forced to shut down due to quarantine and isolation rules.

We see this now as about 1,000 airline flights have been canceled for Dec 25 and 26 due to crews “testing positive” or having to quarantine.

Extend this another week or two in to the future – and half the country could be in quarantine.

How will we provide health services? Police and fire? Transportation? Food on store shelves?

The absurdity of this situation has, perhaps, reached the CDC and the NY Governor. The CDC has now reduced the quarantine period for health care workers to seven days – but health care workers only (oddly, these rules are different for everyone else – because Science ™).

The NY Governor has now cut the isolation period for some workers: fully vaccinated “critical sector” workers who test positive can return to work after 5 days, even if they still have sniffles or a mild cough. That luxury is not extended to the non-essential worthless people in our workforce.

Thus, the isolation/quarantine guidelines are now 5 days, 7 days, 10 days or 14 days – depending on your chosen career.

Explain this logic to anyone please?

Answer – they could not so ….

UPDATE Dec 27: The CDC has cut the quarantine / isolation period to just 5 days as they realized The Epidemiologists were about to collapse the country. Trust ScienceTM.

UPDATE: Now it’s official – epidemiologists realized shutting down entire nations will cause significant problems – not for illness but because of symptom free positive tests of vaccinated people, and many times more vaccinated people who may or may not have been in contact with a symptom free vaccinated positive test case. The absurdity is self-evident.

ROME, Dec 27 (Reuters) – Health experts urged the Italian government on Monday to relax COVID-19 quarantine rules, saying that the country otherwise risked paralysis as the highly infectious Omicron variant spreads.

Under current rules, people who have come into close contact with a COVID-19 sufferer have to self-isolate for seven days if they are vaccinated and for 10 days if they have not had a shot.

Health experts say Italy faces paralysis under quarantine rules | Reuters

Nino Cartabellotta, head of the Gimbe health foundation, said each positive person had, on average, five to 10 close contacts, and predicted that within two weeks some one million people in Italy might have come down with COVID-19.

“That would mean there could be five to 10 million contacts to be sent to quarantine, and this is not possible,” Cartabellotta told Radio Cusano Campus.

Fabrizio Pregliasco, a virologist, echoed his comment: “It’s clear that at this stage and with this diffusion of Omicron, we must consider changes in the way we intervene, otherwise we’re heading for a generalised lockdown.”

Epidemiologists did not think this through. They have not thought anything through.

By EdwardM

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