The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is kind of falling apart. Again.

Twitter, Meta/Facebook, T-Mobile, General Motors, Google, Lenovo, AT&T, Amazon – and who knows how many more, have dropped out of CES 2022. Microsoft and Intel just canceled too. Samsung is still considering whether it will attend.

U.S. automaker General Motors Co , Alphabet Inc.’s Google and its self-driving auto-technology company Waymo on Thursday joined the companies no longer attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in person early next month due to rising COVID-19 infections.

Source: GM, Google, others join retreat from CES over rising COVID-19 cases | Reuters

All attendees must be vaccinated, be Rapid Tested at entry to the convention, wear a facial covering at all times, and socially distanced from the other two people still attending 🙂

CES was famous for being a likely vector of influenza, globally, due to is huge attendance from all over the world – just before influenza tended to spread like crazy.

Update: Before Christmas, 42 vendors have canceled.

By EdwardM