The result is a jumbled, contradictory response to the omicron variant

Source: Americans are tired of Covid, official response to omicron creates confusion

“There is no authoritative anchor to where we are or what we should do,” Gordon said. “Does anyone believe what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says anymore? Ten years ago, people trusted the CDC. If you don’t trust the people who are supposed to be smart, you’re left to your devices.”

Many of us have watched a disastrous parade of experts make mistake after mistake and fail to acknowledge they were wrong. This has become “The suicide of expertise”.

Today I saw numerous posts from experts trashing each other, saying the other expert was incompetent, “out of their lane”, “your advice will kill people” and so on.

We’ve gone form the “suicide of expertise” to the “homicide of expertise”.

Their recommend solution is technocratic Marxism. If we only trusted the experts and turned over our lives to the Wizards of Epidemiology, this would all be over with. Freedom and democracy are evil concepts.

They are oblivious to what they have done and how this looks to the public, which they view as “the unwashed masses” – or probably as “the enemy”.

To those of us who are brain injured idiots, mere peons, if we are confused by the contradictory messages, our confusion is our fault because we are the ones who are obviously too stupid to understand the high priests. If we try to interpret and analyze data ourselves to make sense of the inconsistent noise, we are told we are incompetent, out of our lane and lack the skills to understand any of this.

Experts and science itself have melted down and have lost all trust with the public. Many of us are now ignoring the experts’ advice – because empirically, none of it has worked out and no longer makes any sense. If we ask rather obvious questions we are ignored at best, or labeled incompetent idiots, at worse.

The past two years will be remembered as one of the greatest screw ups in science, health, government leadership and public communications in world history.

By EdwardM