I bought a Hubsan Zino Mini SE Drone. This is a <250 gram quadcopter with 4k/30p video ability.


Just flew it for the first time and pleased with the performance, and it’s fairly quiet too. Battery life is allegedly 45 minutes but as everyone knows, always derate that due to reality 🙂

This is not my first quadcopter – thus my views are based on some experience. In the past, I flew 3 toy-class quads, plus one entirely homemade quad, a Yuneec Q500 and a DJI Air.

I had also considered the <250 gram Hubsan Zino Mino Pro – basically the ZMSE but with an excellent 1/1.3″ sensor camera with excellent image quality. However, any users have encountered various problems (including some video “jello”) with the ZMP that seem to be software issues that Hubsan continues to address via software updates. Given a few more months, I suspect these issues will be fixed and that might be a better time to buy a ZMP – it just depends on how much fiddling you want to do today!

Zino Mini SE image is from the Hubsan web site. The link to the ZMSE, above, is an Amazon affiliate link for which I may receive a sales commission, at no cost to you, if a sale is finalized through that link.