Chise is the anonymous name of a senior scientist who helped develop the Moderna vaccine. Chise has been a long time, straight forward, clear explainer of all things Covid related, and always backed by data and evidence, not speculation.

BNO News reported all cases identified in South Africa have been in unvaccinated people or people not fully vaccinated – implying the vaccines work on B.1.1.529.

Another report says cases are mild, and another says the person found in Hong Kong had no symptoms.: “It’s all speculation at this stage. It may be it’s highly transmissible, but so far the cases we are seeing are extremely mild

By next Monday we may have a less hysterical perspective.

The world’s reaction – to cut off much of Africa from the world will discourage all countries from disclosing information on future variants.

The AP published a story quoting academics and public health experts world wide, all saying travel restrictions do not work and have not stopped any variant. The reason they do not work is, partially, because the variants have spread widely by the time they are detected. Consequently, travel restrictions cause harm to many with no benefits.

Indeed, it is likely the variant is already in the U.S.. It is confirmed in the Netherlands (and by implication, Egypt, where it traced to), UK, Germany, Botswana and Hong Kong. Which is not surprising since this variant was first noticed many weeks ago.

Israel is closing its borders to all foreigners. (The virus would never travel on a citizen, of course.) The UK just announced mandatory PCR tests – two of them – for all foreign arrivals – and quarantine at your own expense until you test negative. Also just made mask mandates again. The useless, pointless, ineffective measures that did not work previously will be repeated.

South Africa has a lower vaccination rate – but some say this is not due to supply but demand. South Africa had to request suspension of vaccine shipments because a minority of the population has shown interest in being vaccinated.

I now mostly ignore everything from epidemiology – their comments frequently turn out to be wrong.

Note – I no longer post much about Covid-19.

Media hysteria:

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By EdwardM