Covid deaths and infection rates may dip below seasonal flu levels by the middle of next year assuming new dangerous variants don’t emerge in the meantime, Bill Gates said.

Source: Gates Says Covid Deaths May Drop to Flu Levels by Mid-2022 – Bloomberg

And this should occur because:

  • Widespread vaccination
  • Widespread natural acquired immunity
  • Widespread availability of new drug treatments by early 2022.
  • “Dangerous” variants do not appear to be likely to occur with this virus, at this point.
  • Update: Some preliminary research says the AY.4.2 Delta subvariant is less virulent (this would be the normal progression of virus mutations) and a large number of those with that variant had no symptoms.

In the U.S. Dr. Scott Gottlieb has said this wave is likely the last major wave and by early 2022, Covid will be far less of a threat.

By EdwardM