Major ski area to begin charging a $25 per day parking reservation fee for all weekends and holidays, to reduce the number of attendees. This is inline, also, with previously stated goals to make travel more expensive and more exclusive – literally, to limit travel to the global elite.

Source: Alta Parking | PARKING BASICS

As previously written about on this blog, many tourist destinations are looking at ways to reduce the number of travelers to a select group who spend more money: “More exclusive, more responsible, more expensive” and making air travel more expensive and limited to the globalist elite. The effect is that future travel may be limited to the elite.

I may do a new post on “Flight shaming is the new minimalism”, soon. “Flight shaming” is practiced by typically young, global elites who have traveled extensively, live in Europe where everything is easily accessible by modest train ride – but now feel guilty about their past excesses of visiting 100 countries before reaching an age of 30.

They assuage their guilt by advocating that others stop traveling by air – while retaining the benefits from their own past travels. More on this in a future post.


Congressional Democrats asking that vaccination be mandated for domestic air travel.

Flying will be made more expensive – to flight the climatecrisis. They have already determined they will need to raise airfares by at least 10-20%. And that is independent of fare hikes due to post pandemic demand or other factors.

In the future, I will only use the compound word climatecrisis, as the media has turned it into a de facto single word, similar to what they did to crumblinginfrastructure. It is no longer permitted to say “climate” without adding “crisis”, nor to say “infrastructure” without the prefix of “crumbling” 🙂

By EdwardM