Source: Austria announces regional lockdowns for the unvaccinated

  • Simultaneously, the Netherlands are poised to begin a “lock down lite” within days, which may include closing some venues such as cinemas and drama theaters, restricting restaurant hours and other measures.
  • German “experts” are proposing the need for a “quick and unified response“, which implies a return to unspecified restrictions, perhaps even partial lock downs. However, many are opposed to a return to lock down measures.
  • Norway to start requiring vaccine passports (as soon as next week in some areas) and to recommend booster shots to every age 18 and up.
  • Ten nations in the EU region are now in the category of “high concern“.
  • Meanwhile, Vermont, the most vaccinated state in the nation (72% of all residents, including children), with cases increasing by 42% in the past week, now has the highest case rate per 100k in the nation (per CovidEstim, as of Nov 12, the case rate is 388/100k). California, with the most restrictions of any state, now has twice the case rate of Florida. No one is providing a coherent, consistent explanation. In VT, they “blame” the rise on having kept the case rate low for so long …. try not to think hard about that. They even blame Halloween (keeping in mind that past predictions of “super spreader events” all failed, this may be a coincidence in timing as numerous states saw drops in the 2 weeks after Halloween – explain that?)

To this brain injured idiot, it seems most measures undertaken the past 20 months have made little, if any, difference as nearly everywhere ends up in the same place, given time. The response by experts is to do more of the same, oblivious to their strategies not working.

By EdwardM