Other than some “follow ups” on prior predictions for the pandemic, I think I have logged everything I wanted to record.

During the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, my grandmother kept a diary of what she observed in her community. That diary is, today, fascinating to read.

Back in March of 2020, I sensed this was going to be historic and it might interesting to log a lot of what I observed – sort of like my grandmother’s diary.

I started out with a gung ho perspective on public health and fighting the pandemic. But being denied access to health care, for 13 weeks, for what turned out to be a broken foot, began to sour me on public health. In early June of 2020, prominent “public health experts” told us protesting was more important than fighting a virus – after spending months ordering us to “Stay Home. Save Lives”. That made no sense to me.

My attitude towards public health went down hill really fast at that point and reached a point where I mostly ignore public health experts, officials and agencies. They have lost credibility and trust.

That twist in thinking turns into increasingly negative thoughts and tone on this blog. I want to get away from that.

One way is to return to the original tech and business focus, plus environment technical solutions, which would be much more fun than dealing with pandemic nonsense.

At some point, I may even archive most of the pandemic posts in order to clean up the blog back to its original purpose. We will see where this goes.

Again, except for some “follow up” posts on past predictions, it may be time to end pandemic coverage. Some think the pandemic will be “ended” within about 2-3 months, for many practical reasons (vaccinations, new anti-viral drugs, politics and 2022 is a national election year, and people are moving on with life, which is how most pandemics end.)

Related: Probably leaving Twitter too, as explained over here. Twitter is mostly a place to waste a lot of time, and is sort of a trap that we fall in to. We get sucked into reading and/or commenting when provoked. Even we respond politely and factually, doing so is a waste of time. Thus, Twitter is itself a waste of time.

UPDATE: Yep, I have decided to move most of the public health / Covid-19 related posts into a private archive and have already moved about 15% of such posts. Since early 2020, I wrote about 1,800 posts. Many drafts kept private and never shown here. I guess around 85-90% of those will be archived and no longer visible on the blog once these updates are completed. I am leaving in place posts about “follow ups” – where I had tagged past predictions for future follow up. By doing that, I found that essentially all predictions about “super spread events” were wrong-for almost all events, cases subsequently went down, and usually by a lot. I still have many tagged predictions waiting for future follow ups.

2nd UPDATE: Have migrated about 1,000 posts made from March 2020 to November 2021 in to a private archive. Those posts are no longer publicly accessible. Other than the “follow up” posts, pandemic related posts will be far fewer in the future – returning a focus to tech and business topics.

By EdwardM