While running endless stories about side effects, alleged deaths, deaths of the fully vaccinated who got Covid, and then run cover stories like this:

It is a mystery why people are concerned or afraid of getting a vaccination.

The media will then run stories after this saying that – obviously – people are not getting vaccinated because they are Trump-loving, Republican, right wing, Nazi, Southern, Rural, Bible-thumping, white trash racists – because there could not possibly be any other reason, like say, shitty journalists.

UPDATE – and this GARBAGE HEADLINE from the BBC which gets the story all wrong – the study author says that people should get vaccinated, which is not what is implied by the BBC click bait headline (and since they are funded by British citizens directly, the BBC does not need to use click bait headlines for selling eye balls to advertisers!)

Left out is the most obvious solution to the problem – we must mandate wearing N95 face masks in the home, 24 x 7. Obviously. (Which is, in fact, why the public’s use of face masks has likely had no meaningful impact on disease spread).

Trash tabloid The Guardian titled their version of the story even worse:

Even calling these “jabs” is a negative to getting vaccinated. How about using “Innoculations”?

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